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Ms Aradhana Sharma,
Sports Nutritionist, Army Sports Institute-Pune

"My visit to Nutra Supplements manufacturing unit was a wonderful experience. Proud to see such good facility and production unit in our own Pune city. Very professionally managed. Wish whole Nutra team a huge success and many more successful products launch in near future. Keep up the good work."

Lt Col Anup Krishnan,
Sports Medicine specialist, Army Sports Institute and Indian Military Academy

"Well organised and maintained facilities. Good emphasis on the manufacturing of quality supplements. All the best."

Dr Samar Zenia,
Sports Physio-Olympic Gold Quest

"Wonderful set up with detailed evaluation and studies that has been done is very evident in the quality of product produced by Nutra Supplements. Great work. Keep it up. I always recommend Nutra Supplements to my players and that has shown results."

Brig Ravinder S. Naidu,
DDGPT, Chairman ASCB, New Delhi

"A very educative tour of the impact of Dope Free Supplements for the keen sportsmen of our Nation and for a futuristic appraisal in enhancing the performance of Amy Sportsmen."

C. Ananda Jothi,
Chairman and Director, SRI SUGAM Physiotherapy Institute Pvt Ltd.

"Excellent concept of manufacturing systematically, with scientific approach with right team. This will change the Indian athletes in various sports to win more Olympic medals. Keep Moving"